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I love the Broken Ones. by MalisVitterfolk
I love the Broken Ones.
Troll did some art!! 

While I have done a few sketches, time permitting, I haven't really done anything note worthy. A few months back I went to see Lindsey Stirling and Dia Frampton in concert. Both are on my bucket list of artists from our Storytime Playlist. One of Dia's recent songs 'I love the Broken Ones' stood out as a perfect song for Zev thus I chose to illustrate his meeting with Rynn so many years ago as inspired by this song. After the concert (which was amazing) I had the luck to meet up with Dia Frampton. She was chuffed to bits when she heard about what her music has prompted over the years and signed a little message on the sketch.

I finally got around to inking/colouring it on the computer so now here it is in all it's finished glory. This sketch is actually the -first- to be completed. All my other signed sketches from the project are still only in sketched form in my folder.

Amirynth/Rynn @ Me
Zevron @ Zev from Sentinels
Bloodelf mage and rogue @ Blizzard
'I love the Bronken Ones' @ Dia Frampton… 


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WoW! An EPIC art contest!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2013, 12:59 PM
  • Listening to: Snow Patrol
  • Reading: Doctor Who
  • Playing: WoW
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For ALL information about my characters, please go here:…

I am holding an art contest on Gaiaonline for 100+ mil in prizes.  However, I got a new tablet for Christmas so I have decided to add my old Intuos3 (large size) into the prize list.  For this reason I have decided to open it up to non Gaian artists.  If you would like to win a prize on Gaia then make sure to mention your Gaian name in your entry or just post your entry on Gaia.  If you are just entering in for the tablet then please mention it in the notes on the form.  All DA entries will be noted as I receive them here.

Time frame:  (Extended by a week!)
Starts: Now!
Ends: 28th Apr 2013
Winners announced: 6th May 2013

DA only Grand prize:  An Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet (large size)  I have used this tablet for quite a few years.  I take good care of my stuff but there is general wear and tear on it.  The tablet will come as is, with the pen but no mouse, I no longer have the software but you can easily download the drivers from the Wacom website.  I bought myself a Cintq over Christmas and so will not need my Intuos anymore, the old tablet works just fine.  All I ask is for you to provide the shipping costs if you should win.  You can opt out of winning the tablet in favor of one of my other prizes on Gaiaonline or the points prizes below. (Needs at least 50 entries to be considered)

Other Prizes -
First Prize: A 12 month subscription (or 2,000 points)
Second prize: 1,000 points (or a 6 month sub)

Best couple: 600 points
Cutest chibi: 400 points (About one month's subscription)
Best action shot: 600 points
Random prizes: 400 points

Best photo set: 800 points (or a three month subscription)
*note: This is a set of head shots/waist up ect. of all the characters like the ones Rama did for the contest.

I reserve the right to mix and match prizes as I see fit. (i.e. Change 'best action shot' to 'most romantic' if I don't get any action submissions.) I also reserve the right to add more prizes if needed.

DA Username:
Link to Entry:
Characters involved:
Slots trying for: (Can be multiple)
References used: (If applicable)


*No flaming or trolling or Malis will eat your face!
*Do not steal other's art! (This goes for 'tracing' or 'eyeballing' other artist's work.) Stock photos are ok with credit.
*Please do not steal my characters. Many of them are special to me and have been through a lot.
*Don't use bases or dolls in your work. I'm not a fan of pixel art.
*Collabaration with another artist is ok, however you have do decide who gets what if you win
*Feel free to share this journal, even if you're not entering art.
*You can submit as many times as you like.
*Be respectful at all times and please don't be a bad sport.
*Entries must be created specifically for this contest.
*If you use any references/stock images, please provide full credit in your entry form.

Pose ideas:

I have many ideas and poses I'd like to see.  They are not necessarily an immediate win, but at the same time, some of them may tickle me pink to see.

Malis and Naz:
*Anything showing height or messing with it.  I have a few pieces of either her taking a pygmy potion to grow smaller, or him taking a troll potion to get bigger.  Even having her pulling him off his fet as she hugs him would be fun!
*Something lovey-dovey, or maybe him chasing her and her not getting it, or maybe even getting the wrong idea.
*An adventure idea.  They go adventuring a lot.  She is a healer and keeps him out of scrapes, he likes to pull things... a lot... a lot a lot...
*I really want to see Malis in her new garb! With the two huge fans that look like the one she is holding in the example.

Malis and Rynn:
*These two are old, old, old friends by now.  I would love something showing this.
*An adventuring picture.  You can even include Naz and Zev!  In that case, Zev would be doing something cool, Naz would be tanking, Rynn would be fire support from the rear and Malis would be trying to keep everyone alive.
*Something motherly.  Rynn is a new mother (or at least will be depending on where in the storyline we are.)  Something concerning Malis giving Rynn advice would be cute.

Rynn and Zev:
*Anything loving like together watching the stars, or maybe enjoying a day at the market (Well Rynn would be enjoying, Zev would be trying not to get caught while 'borrowing' the merchandise.)
*Adventuring against the demons.  This is something they have done a lot together in the past when they were first becoming close friends.  A good setting would be where they first met: Demon Fall Canyon.
*Rynn and Zev fighting:  This would be a special piece about a part of the RPs that is to come.  Zev becomes a demon hunter and seals a demon inside his chest to protect Rynn and their child.  Rynn gets the wrong idea as she just finally escaped a contract with the demons and they end up in an epic fight against each other as tempers flare.

Malis and her brood:
*I'd love to see more pictures concerning Malis and her family.  She could be teaching them or maybe discussing the finer points in life.
*Malis having a day out with her baby sister Nekali
*Malis and Tai catching up.  Malis left Tai'jin in Booty Bay to be raised by an Orc.  Tai ended up looking for Malis but didn't find where she was until it was too late.  Later, Tai saves Malis' life and looses her connection to the spirits because of it.  It would be interesting to see a pic of them chatting with some of that in the background.
*Tai'jin introducing Malis to her mate Rokhan.  I don't have him made up so you can choose whatever.  His sisters are Louku and Demara so you can work out genetics from them!
*Malis and Louku exploring Pandaria.  When Malis decided to visit the land that her ancestors may have been, Louku decided to go with her and learn more about the Pandarian.  
*Nekali training with the Pandaren Monks

Idris and Varicella:
*Something simple to show the opposing sides of the two friends, even though both paths were not really chosen by either of them.
*Idris and Malis: It would be hilarious to see how well they got along!
*Rynn and Varicella: Rynn forsook the demons and went back to becoming a mage, Varicella, while she does not dabble into the fel-energies as she used to, is still deeply indebted to the demons.
*Either of the friends crossing paths with the others.  It will happen, you get to decide when or where!

For ALL information about my characters, please go here:…

Thanks and good luck!!

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I enjoy your company~<3
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Thank you so much! Everyone loved the photo cards. Your picture got a lot of complements!
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